Your support is appreciated!

The blog on the latest arrest is now online and can be found here …

This is Candi Gilroy and her latest victim Lee Carlill who live and work in Bognor Regis. Candi will be featured in the local papers in the next week or so for many reasons some of which can be found on this site. These are recent images which shows how much she cares about either the lives she has wrecked or the life of her mother which if you read the last report even the police are stepping away now due to health concerns.

Take Care my luvvies, @sallyanndx

Six false accusations: a story of a troubled lass who destroys everyone who cares about her.

Read some of the blogs and let us know your thoughts … this is what a girl does to the woman who gave up her life to help her … and it was all lies!

All pages are blogs of what is happening in each area of this destruction path … I will keep them updated as much as possible. The main blog is my ramblings and ruminations. Feel free to chat with me about any of it …

This is my legacy …

This is my life.  This is the situation I am left in.  I don’t intend to be living my life for much longer – the trauma is too much for one person to cope with so I have every faith that the next suicide attempt will be successful, and if its not then I will try again.  I have seen and spoken to so many people, and their reactions are pure shock and disbelief – and they are not the ones living it.  So maybe its time to tell the story.  

This story shows how SHE was let down, and I will reveal who she is shortly.  I gave everything I had of me until there was nothing left, and there the story shows how my own flesh and blood let me down, how mental health services let me down, how the police let me down and how the courts let me down.  Most of all it shows how desperately broken I am.

Whilst hers is not the hand that led to my death – despite her efforts to try, there is no doubt in my mind that she is the reason I am committing suicide.  I have to be careful here because when I told her it was her fault I was prosecuted for malicious communications so I cannot say that but I can explain that before she done what she did, I had no suicidal thoughts.  When she returned in January I had no suicidal thoughts.  The situation she has left me in leaves me with nothing but suicidal thoughts – I’ll let you, the reader decide where the blame lies when you have read the story.

Loving my baby girl … Always x

Read the whole story when you have chance but for now here is a round-up …

Feel free to add your comments – maybe someone in authority will read it! We live and die in hope ….

from the Courts

  • MP has become involved to sort out court mess
  • Restraining Order has finally been varied.
  • Transcript has been processed.

from the Police

Life lessons learnt!

  • Don’t trust them!
  • Don’t believe them!
  • Don’t wait for them!
  • Get your own evidence!

from Mental Health

Discharged yet again – not a mental health illness but the product of the trauma I have been put through in the last year.

3rd report which says who is to blame!

If something means that much to you, you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.

Anon on twitter
Only we all know that I wont be!

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    8th Nov 2019 by

    I am feeling sad tonight. I really hoped that I might have got through to Candi even if in some small way but I gave her the time I said I would and she hasn’t bothered to get in touch. I think, well to me, that just shows the world what a sadistic person she… Read more

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24 thoughts on “Your support is appreciated!

  1. My darling Lisa I have been reading this for hours. A friend of mine showed me earlier and I am heartbroken for you. I think I am fairly local to you so please call on me if you need to. I am certainly close to Bognor and Chichester. These people mentioned in this site are running their own little terrorist attack on you my angel. I’m military born and bred and when there is a terrorist attack we blow the fuckers up! I will get this page through the squads for you and you have our full support for whatever you need. Hell give me an address and I’ll knock a door for you. This candy girl should not be in society and we are all at risk while she is. Do not be daft over it. Your the good guy here I promise you I’ve seen it before. Use those who want to help for whatever you need. Please message me. Eric

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    1. Lisa we are getting the boys together tonight tonworkmout what we know and what we can do. Stay with us my babe we will come through for you.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Lisa I can’t imagine what you are going through. If you can find the strength to talk to one of us we will be here and we will support you and we will tell your story the whole world over. This crazy person could do this to any one of us at any time so we have to stick together. Please speak to us and tell us how we can help you.

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    2. I’m Davey and I do the tekey bit. I put trace on her phone this morning, she knows so she changed her number but she left tracks. She runs her life on her phone and it’s all linked so I got the lot and it just takes 24/48 hours and the new details follow. She is now gps 24. when you want info I’m all over her, I’ve got all her convos and live voice calls and everything so tell me what you need. I also tracked your details and got your sons number and told him to reach you. Message me through here and let me help.


  2. Eric you dickweed his name is there his profile picture on Facebook is there and he lists his employer on his Facebook. He ain’t going to be hard to find and it looks like pretty much every bloke in Chichester has been stung by her so she won’t be hard to find either. Her mates all work st bluebird care so that might tell you something.
    I haven’t read it all tonight but I will go through tomorrow and we will sort something out. Make some plans.
    Lisa, wherever you are my sweet, give us time and we will be at your service. Just got to get a few more with us

    Liked by 12 people

  3. Oh and Eric he says on his Facebook that no one really cares – I think that’s aimed at Lisa. I would say she has reached almost 6000 people in 3 weeks and I don’t think thats no one. Let’s double it through the mess. The bloke is a twill and he going to be my bitch 👌🏼

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Is this boy a fucking idiot? Look how many on this site in the last few weeks but we are nobody and if nobody cares then why does that little girl he plays with run to the police every minute. He is shitting his pants and using big talk to get his cock our for the little girl. I’ll be no one at his door. Have we got s number yet and who said they had his car registration. Let me have it.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Marshyboy you know rhese little stick
        Men are ruled by their dicks. She is trying to be all big and hard and brave so his little girl will do it for him. Calm yourself and we will do this properly so there is no returns. #fsmilitary

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  4. Lads how much have you read? She put her mother in jail for a suicide note that she knew was real, that’s she knew she had caused the depression to make real and then she has her arrested time and time again for words on a bit of paper. Are these magical words! Do they jump out and stab you? What is this girl like 13-14? And where the bloodyhell is the respect for the mother who raised her? I’m with you lads and I’m sure a lot more besides. Find the boyfriend, follow him and he will take to straight to her. Something electronics on his fb – what’s that a shop? I’ll get Dee to look it up and join us. If we can’t shown our support to our own lasses it’s a poor show. Keep sharing guys.


    Liked by 11 people

  5. Anyone noticed those stats are now are 3968. Keep sharing it lads and let’s run this motherfucker out of town. Lads can we have a beer tonight and see what info we got and whose in on what. Also get wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and anyone can you to sign up. Hey it’s like the new insta lol. Show support on twitter and Facebook and insta if you can but comment the hell out of this site so it goes to the top. Eric yours for beers?

    Liked by 11 people

  6. Where is Mrs Ajax lads?

    Who is on the fsmilitary group to blow this site up and get word out. We need to
    Blow the shit out of this right on her doorstep.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Mrs Ajax is here. We don’t all play toy soldiers all day some of us have houses kids and jobs in the real world. I’ve signed up, I’ve liked it all I think and I’ll read it all properly when I go to bed but good for you guys supporting this woman. I’ll tell the girls at work tomorrow and print the main page to put on the staff noticeboard. I see is had almost a 1000 hits overnight so it’s going well. Count me in

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  7. What these people are doing is outrageous. Why would you protect someone you know is ruining people by saying they have abused them. Is this girl so desperate for attention she can only get it by lying? Well she has the attention now.
    Her poor mother on the other hand hangs by a thread. Come on people, and #fsmilitary let’s give our support.


    Liked by 6 people

  8. It’s like a little mother’s coven here. Well I’m here now so no more sap! I think I know this guy. I think I know his ex, if you get my drift! Only once! Hah! Right so what he done?

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  9. I recognise this girl. We done something st Emsworth and she was there and the bloke almost dropped her in some Egyptian dance or something. Tiny little thing she is but big mouth shouting at everyone. What was they called? Get Dave on here he will remember.

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  10. Lads lads lads Daveyboy here. I put a VTR on her so that’s phone chip imei contract everything. I got BTB to auth it. Now let’s take down.

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